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News Spike Trader (NST): AutoClick software for trading on economic news events

How it works?

Software NST is divided into two components: server and a client terminal. The server is used to handle data from a specialized news provider.  After actual data comes out news server sends a signal "Buy" or "Sell"  to clients.  A possible Buy or Sell signal is sent only in case of an appropriate deviation. Deviation is difference between the forecast and actual numbers.

More about NST autoclick software click here.


If you trade only one currency during a news event this new edition of the Spike Trade EA
contains the management functions.  The First line of the inputs tab has our IP address hard coded
into the program.  The second line of the inputs tab has your lot size.  The remaining inputs are exactly
the same as the managetp EA which is also available on this site with input descriptions.  Remember to
download the EA to your Experts folder and the DLL to your Experts>Libraries folder.

EA download is here:   updated April 24th, 2013 to add code which will display the broker speed of execution and slippage in the experts tab.  


Afterspike EA download is here     Updated September 16 2012

This version monitors the bid price on those releases where we see the spike before we get the news regardless of what news service you use. It will be primarily useful on Australian releases where this happens almost all the time.   It will continuously monitor the difference between "beforespike bid price" and "time of signal bid price". These prices are compared and if the difference is too high (compared with "afterspike" variable), no signal is sent.
  This will protect you from getting a fill at the end of the spike.    If no movement is detected and IF your broker offers Max Deviaiton/Slippage Control, the slippage parameter will be honored and the trade will happen.  Remember this is 5 digit programming where 100 equals 10.0 pips.  Thanks to our user  known as "Standa" in our trade room for this upgrade

DLL download is here              Updated April 26, 2011

This is the current edition of the Spike Trade EA developed by Jorge (Shadday007 from Paltalk)
This edition allows you to trade multiple pairs with multiple platforms
You can download it free here: 

          Updated 3-15-11    includes new IP address hard coded in settings.

Here is the Spanish version video of the latest set up

Here is an English (audio only) translation of the set up    (coming soon)

Note:  Unless you are trading multiple instances of the SAME MT4 account, you won't need the broadcast and listener EAs that will be installed with the wizard.



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