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 In the trade room we discussed improving execution on MT4 platforms by locating the server nearest to the location from which you trade. By clicking on the numbers in the lower right corner of your platform (xxx/x kb) next to the "connection" symbol, you can see (in many cases) the various servers available for you to trade on. These are randomly assigned to balance the load as you sign in to your dealing station, but you have the option to change them. It is desirable to choose the server closest to your physical location. Jason (investment) in our trade room has provided the means for us to track these servers by IP address so that we may ping them individually to see which is the most optimal server for us to trade on. I can confirm that it works. Here are the instructions:


Make sure the Only window/program you have open is the one you want to find the IP for, it's just easier.

If using windows

CLick on start and then RUN (you may have to find it in accessories or just click on 'command prompt' if it's there)

when RUN window is open, type CMD and click ok

type NETSTAT -N and hit enter

you should see only a couple or just 1 foreign IP address.

go there and type in IP(s) and find out more info on that server(s). Find the one that is your broker.

you can now type PING and that IP address (don't include : or digits after)

it will show you the average time if it is able to ping that IP


Once you find the optimal server, make a note of it and change it each time you log in.





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