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Ping Test

Every News Trader should know the speed at which he gets the news signal from the autoclick as well as the speed from his computer to the broker's server.  If you are piggybacking the signal, you need to factor in the extra step of the signal going to my server first.  To "ping" the various servers, use the following set up:

Go to your start menu and click Run

Type cmd.exe in the box and you will get a black box with a prompt

Type  ping  (followed by a space) and the IP address

You will get an average result which represents a "round trip" for the signal.  Divide this result by 2 to get the one-way signal which is what you need to know when receiving a news signal or sending an order.  Piggyback IP:  If you use it, you already know it.  If you want to use it you must email me at [email protected]  to get it.

My average one way ping to the autoclick server is 0 milliseconds





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