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Spike trading forces us to make split second decisions when things are moving very fast.  We have to monitor spread, slippage, error messages, autoclick, EAs, false spikes and many other potential events that could occur within those few seconds before and after a news release.


Some of you already capture a video of your trading screen so you can play it back later after the trade when things have slowed down.  This gives you the chance to analyze your trade and make those subtle changes based on what you see.  You can


- know when the spread widens

- know when the autoclick fired

- know when your straddle program began its work

- know if your straddle program is modifying on time

- know if a false spike took you out



Below is a download link to a FREE screen capture video applicaiton.  What I like about it is you can set the record time in advance, while you are setting up your trade.  You can decide how long it will record for.  After the trade is over you can now go back and find out










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